How to Get a Remote Job in 2022?

Muhammad Ali
5 min readJan 26, 2022

Finding a job is hard. Suppose you are looking for a remote position. In office-based employment, you can quickly build up a team and talk with the team. But in remote jobs, things are a bit different. Hard to build a good bonding from online chat (most cases; not for everyone). But let’s take a step back from thinking about how to do the job and focus on getting a job. If you are reading this blog, I assume you already have some skills and are ready to find a job. I’m going to share how you can find a remote job!


If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, please create it right away. It works as an online resume and is super helpful to grab a job. Get a professional picture as a profile pic and put a decent cover. Also, write everything honestly, don’t add something you don’t know because the job can come for that skill. Here is an example of a good LinkedIn profile —

a good linkedin profile example

As you can see from one single look, you can find out what he can do, right? Recruiters will just look for a few seconds on your profile to make it as good as you can so that they get hooked with it.

To make a good profile, please add

  • Experiences
  • Educations
  • License and certification (if any)
  • Skills
  • Recommendations (from others)

Also, try to post what you are learning/developing from time to time. Posting once a day or one post in two days can work well. Just try to network as much as you can.

Once you have a good LinkedIn profile, let’s start searching the jobs. There is a job tab on the navbar. You can just click there and look for the jobs it’s recommended. It’ll mostly recommend local jobs.

jobs tab from linkedin

Here you also can search for your job and put the location “Remote”



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