This Is The Most Productive Working From Home Routine I’ve ever made

Muhammad Ali
5 min readJan 21, 2022

My work routine is a mess. Usually, people suggest working in the morning to do a lot of stuff. Many famous people start their day around 3/4/5 AM, and here me! A non-famous nerd starting his day around 2–3 pm, which can be super unhealthy (don’t try this at home).

I had no other choice; I am not too fond of local jobs, and most of the remote jobs are from the US side. So I had to work on US time. Currently, I start working at 8 pm (local time) EST at 9 am and end my work around 4 am (where famous people woke up). So currently, I’m a night owl.

Nighttime can be productive, like morning, but it is also a time where we like to procrastinate! The same thing happens to me; some days, I keep watching youtube during work hours for nothing. I’m kind of just wasting time doing nothing. Maybe making up a routine for my work time would help me. So I started to follow a new pattern that will help me work properly with focus.

If you don’t have a routine yet, stop reading the blog more. Make a routine at least, then come back and read the rest. Finally, improve your routine. Routine is not something you just make once; first, you need to make a demo one, then you’ll try that in your life. If it goes well, then you need to fix that and improve the parts that need to improve! Because a good routine will lead you to a good habit, which will guide you into a success!

Let’s see what I planned for my routine! I usually work around 10 hours per day (8 hours office, 2hours for side projects, part-time, or some other stuff). I work about six days per week (5 days for the office and one day for my side work), and I take one day as a complete break. Also, after a few weeks, I take two whole days off! Also, if I get any off days through the week for different reasons, I just enjoy the day! Working is good, but too much work leads to burnout, and fixing the burnout is a more difficult puzzle that I don’t want to solve!

My routine is well-detailed and well-organized. So my local time 8 pm-4 am I work, I start my working day from 6 pm (sunset around 5.15 pm now). First two hours, I usually break into my two 45mins focus times and 15 mins break after the session! The first hour I spend learning something, I am a tutorial learning person, so I start with a course (any course). But if I follow the same routine for the next six days, it is pretty dull. So I try to grab two courses at a time, and I swap…

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