Top 10 programmers on twitter to follow in 2021 (personal suggestion)

Muhammad Ali
3 min readAug 29, 2021

Twitter has around 206 million daily active users worldwide Source. It’s an amazing platform for start a conversation with anyone. Lots of people use it for following celebrities, friends & family, etc. But I use Twitter for my tech knowledge. There are enough company/startup/product profiles on Twitter, I followed them so I keep up with them. I can see when they are releasing new features, how they are releasing them. I followed them based on my tech stack, so you can do this too. But today I’m going to share my list of top 10 programmers anyone should follow (for content-wise). Also if you are interested to connect with me, drop a DM in —

Oliver Jumpertz

Recently I discovered him. He has around 21 Years Of Programming Experience and his content is amazing. He writes about interview topics recently and I love them. He also runs a newsletter. Following him will make your feed content-rich for sure.

Jack Forge

When you got bored with all the programming posts. Jack comes to the rescue. His posts are funny, his post can bring a smile to your face anytime. I found he is writing a lot of entertaining posts about tech, which is pretty rare in the tech space. Also, he runs a lot of giveaways. Follow him, maybe you’ll get one soon!

Danny Thompson

An amazing person, a software engineer in Google. Put awesomeness content on Twitter, also runs a discord community. He also helps people to get a job a lot. He is too humble & kind. Worth following. One follow can return with a job someday.

Emma Bostian

I’m following her for a long time now. She is an amazing content creator, watched her free talks on youtube. Did a course of frontend mentor about design systems, also read her blogs. She is currently working in Spotify (don’t ask her to change something in Spotify). If you follow here you’ll find some amazing tweets in your feed every week.


Dan is one of the popular guys in the tech industry, currently, he has 300k followers. So you can understand he is popular. I know him when he was around 60/80k I guess. I was following the people who work in react core team and found out he also made redux. Also, he suggests not to use redux. So if you want to get some honest reviews about the programming…

Muhammad Ali

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